Thursday, June 3, 2010

Skirting around

Of late, I have been on a mission to Wear More Skirts. It helps that it is winter, because it means I get to also wear tights (oh so many tights) and my cosy cardigan and generally feel well put together.

Skirts work better for me - I'm big enough that I don't fit the clothes from shops like Max or Portmans, so work-wear tends to come from plus-size shops. And trousers in such shops don't often differentiate between taller-than-average and average and shorter-than-average. I'm short-waisted and I don't like having to wear trousers that don't sit well at the top, and which have to be hemmed at the bottom - so skirts are ideal.

My favourite skirt of the moment is from Zebrano and is black with white circles. Or maybe it's white with black fill-in bits. Either way. I still find it hard to spend as much as you need to, to buy clothes from Zebrano, but I find that clothes from Farmers almost entirely come under the 'tent' category, so I suck it up and get Nice Things. I am lucky that I can do that.

But I've also been dipping into the delights of Trade Me - a significant percentage of the clothes on the auction site are either just straight up bad, or so poorly photographed that it's not worth the risk. But sometimes you get something worth having. My latest was a pencil skirt for about $30. It looks quite corporate so it's for the days when I feel like being a bit more formal.

Probably a post for another time is that whole concept of 'formal' clothes and what's appropriate for a Wellington office situation. I work in IT and am surrounded by men, who can do 'shirt and tie' with the same pants every day with no-one commenting or caring, but women's outfits tend to be a bit less pigeon-holed, which makes me feel like I need to be different every day. Mind you, there are 17 males in my office and one other female, so it's likely to be all in my head ;)

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