Wednesday, October 6, 2010

My hubby wears Lynx!

I am not in the target demographic of The Breeze radio station. From what I can tell, the people who listen mostly live in the Hutt, are married, and have at least a couple of kids. They're the kind who like to call up to win a prize by guessing what some random magazine's survey said 10,000 people do every week.

Until today, I have had a radio in the bathroom, and I would listen to the fairly inane breakfast radio programme while showering.

This morning the male presenter was asking people to call in and validate the fact that he didn't remember his wife's preferred brand of perfume. Most of the people who called in validated the exact opposite - the men knew what perfurme their wives (always wives, never 'partners') wore, and the women were confident that their husbands could name it. Until the last caller.

This woman stated that her husband only knew it was 'something in a jar'. The radio presenter asked her what her husband wore and she proclaimed that it was lynx. Upon being asked if it was 'Lynx Africa' she squealed and shrilly announced that yes, it was!!

I briefly switched on the radio this afternoon and there was the same shrill woman, validating the radio presenter's lack of memory about his wife's perfurme.

This was some kind of catalyst for me and I turned off the radio at the wall and removed it from the bathroom. I don't want to become part of the demographic that endorses such contentless ravings. I love that my iphone has a speaker, and I can use it to choose exactly what shower music I want to listen to.

Sidenote: I don't wear perfume, but if I did, I think Paul would remember with a bit of prompting at the right moment (ie in duty free). Do you know what your partner wears?