Friday, June 11, 2010

Glee Finale (spoiler alert..)

I have been a fan of musicals since well before we videotaped the Sound of Music when I was a child - but it was cemented by viewing after viewing, to the point where my sisters and I could sing/talk along with the whole thing, including the bit where someone forgot to pause the ads, and so we had to skip a few lines of dialogue to keep in sync..

I'm a natural candidate for the audience of Glee. Show choirs are (afaik) a uniquely American thing but the appeal is pretty universal, particularly for someone with my background - an enthusiastic singer who likes to couch dance, and was even in the Choir at high school, but I'm not a performer. Wish fulfillment, here we go. And the all-inclusive nature of the Glee group let's everyone in.

From here on, So Many Spoilers.

The extended season has been building and building to 'Regionals' - a winner-takes-all opportunity to qualify for the show choir Nationals. And really, they were never going to win. For a show that has sewn up probably at least another couple of seasons it would be too much too soon. So they put a lot of 'heart' into it, but the more 'professional' school won. Even though their performance was intentionally wooden and they were just going through the motions.

The final episode was a bit too rock and roll hydroslide through all the loose ends for me - it felt like it needed a bit longer to breathe. Normally the talking in Glee slows it down a bit too much for me, but tonight was as though the kids had all been given speed and everyone was runningandrunningandrunning.

And breathe.

Anyway, everyone will (I assume, from the action) be back 'next year' (actually September), and the scene is set for heaps more high school melodrama. Will Rachel and Finn get it on? Will Emma and Mr Schu sort it out? Will Quinn find out that the director of the enemy has adopted her baby? Will Brittany and Santana declare their undying love? Will poor old Kurt get the chance to have a boy-on-boy kiss on primetime tv? Remains to be seen, but I'm sure we'll see all that and more...

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