Saturday, July 17, 2010

Music on high repeat

Things what I'm listening to:

The Duke and the King - Nothing Gold Can Stay

This is a fairly quiet album, with pretty melodies and interesting stories to tell. So it pretty much ticks all the boxes for me. Lingering tunes.

The Cat Empire - Cinema

One of the guys at my workplace in Melbourne sent around an mp3 and noted that the band was playing in St Kilda and who wanted to go. The song (Hello hello) was bouncy and fun and good so I went along and have been hooked since. The enthusiasm of the first album turned into interesting musicality over time. The latest album is a bit more self-aligned that previous albums, in that a similar sound pervades through all the tracks. This is a bit of a change and so far so good.

The Magic Numbers - Those the Brokes

Just found this one a few days ago. Needs some more listening, but I like the ways the various vocalists play with each other and the tunes are pretty infectious. Random trivia: the band is composed of 2 sets of brother-and-sister.

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