Saturday, July 10, 2010

Had a minor windfall in the shape of the work World Cup sweepstake, so decided to buy earrings. In one of the shops I wandered around, I had my headphones on. The woman in the store asked me what I was listening to. When I said Ani Difranco she said "ah, old school." I smiled and nodded and carried on.

Ani Difranco put out a studio album in 2008 (Red Letter Year) and has since released a couple of live albums. So I'm not sure her school is too old. That said, I'd also say that her older work is more well-known and better liked. I'm in the old-school-Ani camp :)


  1. I love Ani live. Living in clip was the first album I heard and So much shouting, so much laughter rocked my world when it came out.
    When she plays live it is always different and she likes to mix it up. I saw her do a reggae version of 32 flavours when she was out here about ten years ago.

    She has a large fan base and she played support for someone huge a few years ago ( was it Dylan? ) but I have never heard her played on the radio or seen a video clip.

  2. I saw her live once in Melbourne, it was awesome and I'd love to see her live again - although I'd prefer if the show had a good mix of new and old.

    I have quite a few of the live albums too :)