Saturday, August 7, 2010

Elementary, my dear Watson*

There are a group of stories whose permutations I can't resist. New production of Romeo and Juliet? I'm there. Same for movie or book versions of Robin Hood, Sherlock Holmes and almost anything along the 'fairy tale' path.

So when I read about the new BBC tv show Sherlock, I was there with a detective's hat on. Although the new Sherlock doesn't seem to have a hat, and he has nicotine patches instead of a pipe.

Critics have been a bit dubious about the fun it has with some of the traditions, and seem to have picked a few holes in the stories, but overall, it's great. Benedict Cumberpatch is delightfully sociopathic as Holmes, and Martin Freeman is a great foil as John Watson.

Find it. Watch it.

(Also, hoping to head over to Melbourne to see the new production of Mary Poppins. Heard that it's great..)

* Pretty sure so far there has been no mention of the famous line.

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  1. I watched the first episode and loved it. Looking forward to more.